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Where can I find a Portsmouth endodontist?

If you are in need of specialized treatment for a compromised tooth with nerve involvement, you can count on New England Endodontics & Implantology. As your 03801 endodontist in Portsmouth, our specialists are equipped to treat the most complex cases of fractured, cracked, extensively decayed, infected or avulsed teeth, with the latest and most precise methods of care. Our modern endodontic practice is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technology, making us an exceptional resource for endodontic care. Whether you’ve been referred to us by your general dentist, require root canal therapy, or are seeking the most precise placement of dental implants, we can help.

03801 endodontist

In certain scenarios, a dental injury can result in cracks or fracturing of a tooth. Due to the precarious nature of such an injury, it’s best to visit an expert for care. Beginning with a careful examination, your 03801 endodontist can determine the precise cause of your dental pain and carefully plan your treatment. Using the most sophisticated imaging technology available today, we view images of your dental anatomy with the utmost crystal clarity, and in three-dimensions as required, to diagnose and plan your procedure with the highest level of precision. Teeth can fracture or crack in a variety of ways, each of which are given a unique classification based on the extent of the damage. At the office of New England  Endodontics & Implantology, we specialize in preserving the health of your natural teeth, providing precise and gentle care so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile for years to come.

When you are in need of advanced endodontic care, trust in your experienced 03801 endodontist, right here at New England Endodontics & Implantology. To schedule your next visit to our office, contact our helpful staff at the number below!

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